Things To Consider Before You Buy Drugs From Online Canadian Pharmacies

Many see Canada as the land of affordable and top-quality Rx medications. In an attempt to make vital medicines available to anyone, the country keeps the retail prices for brand name drugs at bay and imposes some of the strictest regulations regarding drug safety control. For years, Americans have been routinely crossing the border to purchase their prescription drugs at a lower price here. Millions more in the USA and worldwide prefer to do the same online. The popularity of Canadian Internet pharmacies is at its peak.

However, while there are many trusted and legit online resources that can offer you a handy and safe way to get your Rx medications, experts warn that not all online drugstores claiming to be Canadian are such indeed. Some are just taking advantage of the name to inspire confidence in potential customers and encourage them to place an order.

So, how to tell if an online resource selling prescription meds from Canada is what it says it is? Also, how to identify a fraudulent online retailer that will compromise the confidentiality of your personal information and, most importantly, endanger your health and safety? Here is what you should know if you are considering purchasing your prescription drugs from a Canadian online shop.

Characteristics of a bogus online pharmacy

The only way to play it safe and be sure that you are buying quality Canadian medications is to visit the country in person and shop at one of its physical drugstores. However, this option is only suitable for the few luckiest ones who live close to the border and can afford such a one-day trip.

If you want to cut your medical expenses and purchase cheap Canadian drugs over the Internet, make sure you watch out for the following signs of a bogus online pharmacy:

  • it sells Rx-only drugs without asking for a valid prescription from a licensed healthcare practitioner;
  • it advertises its drugs as having phenomenal curing effect for treating severe medical conditions;
  • it does not have an in-house licensed doctor to answer your medicine-related questions;
  • it promises to ship its medications to anywhere in the world without taking into consideration the destination country’s drug import laws;
  • it is registered outside of Canada and does not have a physical business address in this country;
  • it sells its prescription meds at very low prices and offers tons of discounts and bonuses to all customers;
  • it goes out of its way to show its “Canadian” origins by displaying the country’s flag and other national symbols everywhere on its website.

INTERESTING FACT: over 70% of all Canadian pharmacies obtain their prescription medications from other countries such as India, China, Singapore, etc.

What are the risks associated with buying drugs from an unverified online pharmacy?

By sourcing your prescription-only medications from an online pharmacy that meets one or a few of the above criteria, you might be jeopardizing your health and the life of your loved ones. Here is what can happen if you do not choose the online drugstore carefully:

  • you may run into a medication that either does not contain the claimed active ingredients or has those in the wrong dosage;
  • the medication you are buying may include some other components you don’t know about, which can cause a severe allergic reaction or produce unwanted side effects;
  • the medication may not have FDA approval;
  • you may not be warned how this medicine interacts with the other drugs or supplements that you are taking;
  • the medication may be fake and come to you damaged or expired;
  • when buying Rx medications from a doubtful online source, you are more likely to have your personal, medical, and financial data stolen/illegally shared with third-parties.

If you are not careful enough, you risk not getting the treatment that you need or even worsening your current condition to the point where your life is endangered. Moreover, having your Rx drugs shipped from a doubtful online pharmacy located abroad can often get you into trouble with the local customs officers and the police.

Characteristics of a bona fide Canadian pharmacy

You can be sure that the Canadian online drugstore you are purchasing your Rx meds from is legitimate and trustworthy if it complies with the following requirements:

It needs a genuine prescription for all its Rx drugs. The document has to be written by a doctor or other healthcare practitioner licensed to prescribe Rx drugs in Canada.

It is licensed to operate on the territory of Canada. It has all the necessary approvals and certificates issued by a respective Canadian territorial or provincial pharmacy regulatory body.

It displays the essential contact information on its website. The pharmacy shows its real business address in Canada, including the name of the street and the number of the building.

It has an in-house licensed medical practitioner to address customers’ questions. Only a physician who is duly licensed to practice medicine on the territory of Canada can offer in-person consultations to the customers of the online pharmacy.

It doesn’t deliver drugs to the countries where the import, distribution, and use of such meds is illegal. It always warns its foreign customers when shipping Rx meds to their country of residence is illegal or may cause them trouble with the local authorities.

It is upfront with its clients about its pricing policy and shipping fees. The pharmacy should be able to explain where the price for a particular drug comes from and how it chooses to assign bonuses and discounts to its customers. A bona fide online drugstore will never change the price for its drugs or add some extra shipping fees at the very checkout.

A quick guide on buying Canadian medications online

If you decide to stock up on your Rx meds in a Canadian online pharmacy, there are a few things to remember:

  1. Some of the biggest online drugstores located in Canada operate globally. To facilitate their business processes, many of these pharmacies have prescription-filling centers scattered around the world from where they ship their meds to clients in different countries. If you specifically want to have your prescription filled in a Canada-based facility, you need to discuss the issue with the managers before you place an order.
  2. Before placing an order for prescription medications with an online pharmacy, take a moment to verify its legitimacy by visiting the website of the pharmacy regulatory body of the respective Canadian province or territory.
  3. Another way to tell a prudent and legit online business from a fraudulent one is by reviewing online testimonials provided by the pharmacy’s one-time and returning customers. See what they were happy about and which issues they faced while ordering drugs from here. Remember that if the pharmacy is a longstanding business, the absence of reviews is usually a bad sign.

Final thoughts…

Today, there is a growing number of convenient options for purchasing your Rx and OTC meds online. Using a Canadian Internet drugstore can be a quick, safe, and very economical way to have your prescription filled. However, to eliminate unnecessary risks for your health and the safety of your personal data, we encourage you to comprehensively review an online pharmacy before you place an order with it. By maintaining vigilance and caution, you can be sure that you are buying your prescription drugs from a legit and reliable online business.