Our Story of Success

Happy family store is internationally known as the multi-product innovation-centered corporation focused on developing novel approaches to solving an extensive range of problems related to male and female sexual health, hair loss, oncology, and other issues, as well as delivering our treatments to clients along with other high-quality and affordable brand and generic medications.

However, to form a clear picture of the products and services we provide, it is better to have a glimpse into our history in the first place.

Our path to success can be traced back for more than 25 years – to the year 1996. Our history started from the passion to help patients regain good health and joy in living by creating alternative innovative solutions to widespread health problems.

In 2007, our corporation built two manufacturing facilities, which allowed us to both start producing our own medications and provide contract manufacturing services.

In 2008, we presented our subsidiary ANI Pharmaceuticals specializing in oncology therapies, hormonal treatments, controlled substances, and niche generics.

In 2013, for the sake of further integration and growth, our company merged with ANI Pharmaceuticals. No doubt, that provided us with extra opportunities for increasing the value of our products and creating new revolutionary drugs aimed at making our customers’ lives healthier.

As of today, our corporation owns two multifunctional facilities for researching, testing, manufacturing, and packaging medicines in the form of oral tablets, liquids, and topicals and has a large team of professionals specializing in varied aspects of pharma development.

Also, to enhance the effectiveness of our therapies and to receive an experience of working with diversified products, we are always ready for collaboration with other trustworthy pharma companies. So, as of now, we can boast partnerships with Teva Pharmaceutical, Azur Pharma, The John P. Hussman Foundation, Aduro Biotech, Cold Genesys, Pantarhei Bioscience. And we are determined to extend this list in the future.

In addition, we must note that in recent years we understood that the scope of services we offered was not exhaustive. That is why, in 2017, we made a decision to complement it with another crucial direction – drug distribution.

For this purpose, we invited a team of high-class IT professionals so that they created an online platform, which would put prescription and non-prescription medications developed by both us and other reliable manufacturers within easy reach of our customers from different countries.

Another intention that lay at the root of this step was ensuring access to these world-class medicines at affordable and reasonable Canadian prices.

Hence, today, our online platform is a number-one source of both branded and generic drugs for overcoming diversified health problems. No doubt ― you will certainly find at least a few items worth your attention in our catalog. So, we recommend you go and have a close look at it without a delay.