Latest News in Pharmaceutical Industry

Want to See the Future of Digital Health Tools?

Today, in the era of continuous innovations, tech parks, and solutions for various industry needs, people daily work on introducing more automated approaches to replace routine and hard-to-cope tasks. For instance, you can agree that with the help of a modern smartphone, you can literally proceed with smart home automation.

What is Pharmacy Software? And Why Good Software is Important

When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry from the technical side, one might be impressed with the advanced software. Most people still imagine that pharmacies are run manually, where specialists write and print prescriptions, and deliver them to clients. The reality is somehow different. Alongside automatized machines to deliver prescriptions,

Can Alpha-blockers Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

The mechanism of alpha blockers Alpha blockers are a class of drugs that regulate the pressure in the arteries of the body. Their main mechanism of action is to limit the action of alpha adrenergic receptors (adrenaline receptors and noradrenaline), hence their name alpha-blockers. These treatments are used to treat

Viagra and Revatio: What is the Differences?

Viagra and Revatio are marketed as different medicines for different purposes, but really are they? We are not that sure, although you should go to different doctors to get a prescription. In fact, real differences between the two drugs are: Brand name The name Revatio was assigned for a pulmonary

Penis Health: Size, Shape, Hygiene, Erections and Solutions

Penis health is an important part of men’s overall health. It influences men’s ability to have and maintain an erection, ejaculation, and reproductive functions. Problems with the penis may indicate health problems. In addition, they can influence other areas of your life, causing stress or problems in a relationship and