Online Diagnosing: Is It Possible?


Are you tired of long waiting times at the health center? Or to be locked in what feels like eternity for meeting the right doctor? Canadian pharmacy has the solution. Now you can get diagnosis, referral and recipe through video call with doctor – directly on your computer or mobile phone. At a day and age of Internet technologies infiltrating in every sphere of our lives and the Internet Of Things being a new reality, it had been only a matter of time before some traditionally “IRL” services transitioned to being virtual. Are we looking at diagnosing as one of those instances?

The future of online diagnosing

“The big advantage is that you get in touch with a doctor quickly. Our average waiting time on a drop-in time is less than 15 minutes, which means you do not need to spend half a day on a doctor’s visit. Then it’s a big advantage if you live far from a healthcare center or may have trouble getting you away from home for other reasons”.

Revolutionary is a sometimes overused word. But in this case it’s hard to let it go. Our site is the platform that gives you as a patient the opportunity to avoid long waiting times at the doctor and instead get help with your home, coffee or on-the-go hassle – directly on your mobile phone, computer or tablet via video call.

The medical visit takes place through video calls

But how does it work? The short version is that you download the app, choose if you want a drop-in or a booked time and answer any questions about your symptoms. The doctor’s visit is through video call and will be a very good meeting between physicians and patients, says Dr. Fox.

“I thought a lot about how it would feel to meet the patient through video calls. But I experience it as very natural and personal. It will be a good conversation where I can look at the patient’s condition if it is visible and lead to some self-examination. And if I find that there is something that requires physical supervision, I can issue a referral or help the person where to turn for further assistance.

Online consultations help thousands of patients

Many may find it a little strange to make a doctor’s visit via the mobile phone. C.K. Fox was skeptical about the idea of ​​helping patients through video calls.

“It’s easy to believe that this does not work, it’s not true care, but that’s not the case. We are following the same medical guidelines and recommendations as physical receptions. I’d rather say that we are extra careful and thoughtful with our diagnoses because we do not have the opportunity to do physical examinations, he says.

What would you like to say to those who are still skeptical?

I understand them, because I myself have been. But we see that it works. We help thousands of patients every week and our data shows a good result. I think everyone should give it a chance. We are fully aware that we cannot help everyone with everything, but we can help the vast majority with very much.

How does one initiate the chat with the doctor online?

Answer questions about your inconvenience. You describe your inconveniences by answering questions about your symptoms and in some cases submitting pictures that you bring with your phone. You as a guardian can freely seek care for your children with us.

How do you talk to your doctor?

We use mess, phone or video – as needed for the doctor to understand you and your inconvenience correctly. Our doctors, midwives and physiotherapists are experienced and work at health centers or hospitals when they do not help you here.

How do you get diagnosis and treatment?

We diagnose and help you with appropriate treatment. By asking questions and possibly sending you to sampling, the doctor will collect all the information required to make a correct diagnosis. If your doctor believes you need medicine, we will help with this. We follow current guidelines for all prescriptions. Medicine is collected at any pharmacy.