Partners and Licensees


    PartnersTeva A subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is a licensee for the leading product developed and launched by Biosante, testosterone gel Bio-T-Gel. A mutual agreement is based on the recognition of Biosante as an initial developer, and Teva as a late-stage clinical developer. The latter party bears the responsibility for regulatory and marketing. Upon signing an agreement Biosante acquired the rights of the royalties and received $1,5 million.
Azur Pharma is a party responsible for developing the commercialization of women’s health Elestrin gel that is widely prescribed by the US gynecologists. In 2009, Biosante updated the agreement of cooperation and made amendments to the royalty level. Azur paid us $3.16 million, and we are still eligible for receiving up to $140 million from sales if Elestrin hits certain trading targets yearly.
immune pharma The company operating under the recognizable name of My Canadian Pharmacy has been delivering democratically priced solutions for general and specific health problems since the beginning of the century. Domestically known as, the service regularly looks for partnerships to grow its influence and make qualitative change in the industry, and it is along these lines that the partnership with Biosante pharmaceuticals was established a few years back.
PartnersHussman Starting from July 2011, Biosante Pharmaceuticals owns the license to Melanoma Vaccine launched and developed by The John P. Hussman Foundation.

Hussman Foundation is a charitable and educational company that specializes in funding various medical, pharmaceutical researches. Its experts direct the most focus on developing aid for people with urgent needs or disabilities and work on researching ways to change individuals' lives with the help of various products. It gathered $11M for melanoma clinical trials, that were planned to undergo in 2011. Biosante agreed on receiving the royalties for sales and received $100,000 as an initial payment. Besides, our company is eligible for 15–33% of sublicence payments received by the Hussman Foundation at any time.

AduroBiotech Biosante owns Pancreas Cancer and Prostate Cancer Vaccines that, in turn, are directly licensed to Aduro Biotech company that specializes in clinical trials and immunotherapy. Biosante owns the right to get royalty and commercial payments. Our company partnership is based on the development of cancer vaccines with the help of our technologies.
Biosante sold the rights to commercialize and promote oncolytic virus technology to Cold Genesys. Our technology is focused on CG0070, adenovirus for affecting bladder cancer, that underwent a Phase I clinical trials. We received 19.9% ownership in Cold Genesys, and initial and royalty payments.

old Genesys is a private Californian pharmaceutical company that focuses on cancer treatment options and researches.

PartnersPantarhei Biosante and Pantarhei Bioscience signed an agreement for the development and commercialization of an oral contraceptive, The Pill-Plus in the US. BioSante funds the early development, while Pantarhei is fully responsible for other expenses. Biosante receives royalty, sublicenses and regulatory payments.