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What is Generic Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy?

Generic Viagra Definition In a nutshell, Viagra pills produced by a non-developer company are called generic Viagra. The term has not so much of a pharmacological meaning, since it mostly applies to the sphere of marketing and copyright law. Thus, to a rank and file patient and a final product

Online Diagnosing: Is It Possible?

Are you tired of long waiting times at the health center? Or to be locked in what feels like eternity for meeting the right doctor? Canadian pharmacy has the solution. Now you can get diagnosis, referral and recipe through video call with doctor – directly on your computer or mobile

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction When You Have Diabetes

The physicians will prove that 75% of men having diabetes also have erection conditions of different severity. They also experience the worsening of the ED condition or treat it improperly. If a young man has diabetes, he will most likely have sexual performance problems in the future. Moreover, a person

Problems of young specialists in the field of pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics is one of the industries that provide the population with socially significant products. In the light of this, it is especially important that it corresponds to the current level of technology development. However, at the moment there are quite a few problems in the pharmaceutical industry. The most important

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosing: Symptoms, Tests, Solutions

Signs and Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction Initial stage of erectile dysfunction determines subsequent manifestations of this disorder. The first ED symptoms occur in the form of absence of man’s sexual desire in particular. Another widely-spread sign is a weak erection. Decrease of overall quantity of erections per day and altered

New Medication against Coronavirus to Be Tested in China

China is about to start human testing a drug that could become a potential treatment for the new coronavirus infection. Can this drug become a solution? An antiviral medication called Remdesivir, developed for the treatment of SARS and Ebola, is about to be tested in the China-Japan Friendship Hospital to