Buy Generic Clomid (Clomiphene): Facts, Questions, Side Effects

Description: Clomid blocks estrogen receptors in hypothalamus and ovary, enhances secretion by hypophysis of gonadotrophic hormones (luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone) resulting in stimulation of maturation and endocrine activity of follicle; as a consequence, Clomid stimulates ovulation and increases concentration of estradiol in blood.

Benefits: Therapy with Clomid for women with ovulatory dysfunction shows good results. Anyway, its possibilities for treatment of male infertility are not well studied. In USA and Europe, Clomid is sometimes applied for male infertility treatment. It is proven that this medication causes outburst of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones which results in the increase of semen quantity. Anyway, there are only some data regarding particular patients and their treatment was conducted only within a couple of months. According to reports about these random cases, therapy was not accompanied by any side-effects. It is considered that long-term therapy by means of clomiphene may cause testicles tumor and gynecomastia in men.

Clomid: Questions and Answers

  • What is Clomid?

Clomid (clomiphene citrate) is synthetic non-steroidal medication resembling the structure of estrogen. It is widely applied a stimulator of ovulation. Being similar to estrogen, Clomid may get connected with estrogen receptors in hypothalamus. It prevents hypothalamus from detecting a real estrogen and in turn makes hypophysis to produce more gonadotropic substances (LH and FSH). LH and FSH stimulate ovaries for production of more estrogen in women or testicles – to produce more testosterone in men. Also, clomiphene is widely used to treat women suffering from premature ovarian failure and for ovulation induction. Anyway, long-term application of this medication is not safe, since it increases the risk for ovarian cancer development.

  • Why do body-builders use Clomid?

As we all know, all anabolic steroids lead to reduction of androgen testosterone secretion in male organism. After termination of anabolic androgenic steroids intake, endogenous testosterone is at zero, and hormonal therapy is over. This procedure introduced organism in the state of catabolism. Clomid in turn is taken during the particular period to maximally stimulate low levels of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones and raise testosterone level up to its regular state. This will reduce the period of catabolism for male organism.

  • What are Clomid effects?

Clomid blocks estrogen receptors in hypothalamus in ovaries, enhances secretion of gonadotropic hormones by pituitary body which results in faster maturation and endocrine activeness of follicle. It boosts ovulation and concentration of estradiol in blood.

  • Can Clomid work as antiestrogen?

Clomid is a synthetical estrogen but functions as antiestrogen. But how? The answer is simple: Clomid is a synthetic estrogen and will get connected with estradiol receptors without any issues.

  • A lot of people tell that Clomid application during steroids course is a waste of money. Is that right?

Well, first of all let us analyze what happens during the course of anabolic steroids. When androgens level in organism is high, hypothalamus stops sending signal to pituitary body for production of gonadotropins which leads to cessation of testosterone production by organism. It means that if the level of your androgens is higher than natural one (i.e. as during steroid course), Clomid cannot maintain the level of your natural testosterone on a certain level. In other words, it will drop suddenly. Thus, there is no sense in using Clomid during the course.

Quick Facts about Clomid

  • Clomid is recommended for women suffering from ovarian dysfunction. Many women who do not manage to conceive have impaired process of ovulation. Among patients with ovulation problems there are ones with polycystic ovarian syndrome and the others – with unknown causes of amenorrhea.
  • Clomid is prescribed only after the complete examination of menstrual cycle and identification of the cause of impairment.
  • The time of the intake is very important for treatment with Clomid. To determine ovulation, blood and body temperature are tested. In case the fact of ovulation is confirmed, Clomid administration should be started. As a rule, Clomid is assigned on the fifth day of the cycle. Generally, Clomid is taken during 3-6 cycles.
  • Long-term therapy with the drug is not recommended.
  • Clomid is strong medication acting like estrogens. It interacts with receptors of estrogens in hypothalamus and blocks these locations. Moreover, a brain receives signal about insufficient amount of estrogen in organism. This causes increase of gonadotropins level which stimulate ovaries for estrogens production resulting in synthesis of the hormone in supramental capsule and ovary. Increase of estrogen level is very important for fertilization.
  • Either armatures or professional sportsmen often use Clomid. Also, athletes often apply a whole range of other synthetic remedies, such as anabolic steroids, human chorionic gonadotrophin, tamoxifen, thyroid hormones, etc. In comparison with other anabolic steroids or hormones, Clomid does not cause decrease of testosterone level. On the contrary, it increases testosterone level by causing outburst of luteinizing hormone. Luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones take impact on testicles causing further synthesis of testosterone. The latter provides a sportsman with additional impulse. Some athletes take Clomid only for anabolic effect. Others use it in combination with other steroids and chondrotropic hormone.

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Posology and Administration

Recommended doses for infertility

Clomiphene molecule is dissolvable in most organic solvents, such as ethanol. Sodium citrate is salt which may be dissolved in water. The drug has no odor. Clomid is issued the tableted form containing 50mg of clomiphene. Before treatment with Clomid, patients must undergo complete examination in regards to gynecological and endocrine disorders. Ovulation generally occurs 5-10 days after Clomid administration. Sexual intercourse must coincide with expected time of ovulation. Patients should take 50mg a day during five days. The dose may be increased for women whose ovulation doesn’t occur.

Recommended dose for body-builders

Clomid is applied once a day. Body-building experts recommend taking Clomid separately or in combination with anabolic steroids of low activity. Most athletes take anabolic steroids during several months and then switch to Clomid. It is advised to start administering Clomid on 7-10 day after termination of steroid drugs intake. Many sportsmen apply Clomid in various doses. There are no medical recommendations on Clomid intake for those who practice body-building. But the dose was stated experimentally. The majority of body-builders use clomiphene during a couple of weeks by 50-100mg a day. The remedy is not to be taken longer than three weeks.

Side-Effects & Overdose

Clomid is to be taken in case the following conditions are strictly observed:

  • A woman must not be pregnant;
  • Before starting of treatment, each woman must undergo ultrasonic examination in order to exclude ovaries growth, i.e. ovarian cyst;
  • In case of vaginal bleeding, a woman must undergo thorough examination in order to exclude cancer.
  • A patient’s liver must function well to start taking Clomid; thus, all hepatic pathologies must be excluded.

In case Clomid is taken for a short period of time with observance of prescribed doses, it is absolutely safe. Most side-effects caused by Clomid are temporary and disappear right after termination of Clomid intake. The main adverse effects are as follows: blushing, discomfort in stomach, nausea, vomit, pains in chest, headaches, abnormal vaginal bleeding, overall weariness, hair loss.

Vision impairment

Since Clomid affects cerebrum, there is a risk of its severe side-effect. While blocking estrogen-dependent receptors in hypothalamus, Clomid makes the latter produce stimulating factors and hormones which induce hypophysis to release gonadotropins. Hypophysis is a small pea-sized gland which is located above ophthalmic nerves. Hyperstimulation of hypophysis causes its growth in size leading to pressure on ophthalmic nerves. Many reports confirm that during the long-term intake of Clomid, patients experience impairment of eyesight.

Shift of mood

Another serious adverse effect is mood change. Many reports note that women taking Clomid for a long time have different issues with behavior, including deep depression, irritability, anxiety, and aggression. Also, paranoia cases, psychic tension and insomnia were reported. Regardless of such unpleasant complications, multiple medical trials confirm that they occur only in 1% of women using Clomid.

Three Key Alternatives to Clomid


Active substance (clomiphene) of Clostilbegyt is antiestrogen composition of non-steroid structure. Clomiphene mechanism of action lies in influence on specific estrogen receptors localized in female ovary and hypophysis. In case of high content of estrogens in organism, Clostilbegyt shows pronounced antiestrogen action and reversibly inhibits their synthesis by ovarian cells. The drug doesn’t have gestagenic or androgynous activity and doesn’t lead to development of secondary sexual characteristics.


Serophene has antiestrogen pharmacological action. It blocks estrogen receptors, enhances gonadotropins secretion, stimulates maturation and endocrine activity of follicles in ovaries, ovulation, and development of functioning yellow body (in small doses), slows doen gonadotropin secretion (in big doses).


Pergotime connects receptors of estrogens in hypothalamus and ovaries. In case of peroral intake, the drug is well absorbed in gastro-intestinal tract, metabolized in liver, excretes with bile and gets exposed to enterohepatic recirculation. In small doses, Pergotime enhances secretion of gonadotropic hormones and stimulates ovulation. In case of low content of androgen estrogens in organism, it takes moderate estrogen impact, in case of high content – it takes antiestrogen action.

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