Generic Levitra (Vardenafil) for Erectile Dysfunction Management

Generic Levitra is one of the best working solutions to affect erectile dysfunction in men and bring previous male power. Compared to other helpful remedies, it can boast its affordable price and fast result. Those who are desperate to get immediate action and satisfy a partner with a prolonged effect strive to intake it. But, even Levitra’s application bears some precautions. If you follow the next recommendations and acknowledge the whole indication purposes, you are deprived of any negative outcomes. Change your sexual life once and forever by sticking to this generic formula.

Prices on Brand and Generic Levitra

There is no radical difference in prices for Levitra regarding the countries. However, the distinction in the branded and generic formula may scare buyers. Those who strive to have it at hand should always opt for Canadian pharmacies as far as they are more affordable and always organize discounts, and various special offers for both new and regular customers.

 Branded Formula per pillGeneric Formula per pill

Thus, according to the results, Canadian distributors are still considered the cheapest option for buyers. But, most importantly they ship internationally, thus any potential customer can access this working remedy. Besides, remember that depending on the country Levitra may require a prescription. With Canada online pharmacies you are deprived of this formality.

What Are the Application Rules?

Historically, it is a well-known fact that Levitra is working because of its super active ingredient Vardenafil, the same as its branded formula. This remedy is presented in the form of tablets that contain a maximum of 20mg of an active ingredient together with other components aimed to achieve the top results in boosting the erection.

Then, it is popular due to its fast effect. After taking a pill, one should wait for approximately 20 minutes, and the blood supply will be directly streamed to the genital organs, and man can feel active enough to proceed with sexual intercourse. Nevertheless, the effect is achieved only in the case of a previous stimulation. Thus, make sure to spend some qualitative time on foreplays.

As per doctors, this medication can be also used for other purposes but a consultation with a healthcare provider is a must to avoid unforeseen outcomes. Even in the case, the instruction mentions other health condition, this drug can be applied for, do not risk your health in intaking it without receiving a doctor’s consent.

If one uses this drug for erectile dysfunction purposes and was previously prescribed for its usage, he should stick to the proper application. As of now, a man can take it with or without food but one hour before planned sexual activity. The initial dosage is 10mg only one time per day. If one does not feel any effect, the dose can be increased up to 20 mg but only after receiving a doctor’s permission. By no means, exceed the dose of more than 20 mg.

Those who are ongoing alpha-blocker therapy should follow another instruction. In their case, a 5mg dose will be safe and helpful, again one time per day only. Finally, patients older than 65 years should go for 5 mg one time per day.

Note, there is no required dosing regimen as far as a remedy taken only before planned sexual activity. If one plans to have it more than one time per day, he is still obliged to stick to a one-time application only. The effect after the intake can be extended up to 6 hours on average.

Benefits of Levitra Over Cialis and Viagra

These three medications are similar in purpose but some distinctions make Levitra more helpful for some buyers. First off, Levitra is manufactured by Bayer, Viagra by Pfizer, and Cialis by Eli Lilly. These corporations are big fishes in the market, so any buyer coming across these names should trust them completely in terms of quality and safety. But, whenever a person orders a medication with an online pharmacy, it is highly recommended to check its authenticity. For example, Levitra is an orange round pill with a 20mg indicator only. Any other colors will alert you about a fake formula.

As for active ingredients, Levitra is working due to Vardenafil, Viagra with Sildenafil, and Cialis with Tadalafil. However, all of them have the same indication and they all can affect erectile dysfunction, so erection problems. The active components increase blood supply to the penis helping it to achieve an active state of erection needed to proceed with sexual intercourse.

Levitra and Cialis are both taken 1 hour before planned activity while Viagra forms are suitable for the intake even 30 minutes before. The latter one is perfect for the events when a man needs a more flexible application but again everything will depend on the previous stimulation. They all are useless if there is no foreplay. Then, they all can be taken with or without the food. But, doctors recommend abstaining from high-cholesterol foods, and other high-fat products. The same advice concerns grapefruit products that one had better postpone for better times because the acid level affects the reaction of the body required to awake the erection.

Speaking of the side effects, one can hardly find the distinction because headache, dizziness, nausea are the most common manifestations of the intolerance or violation of the dosing regimen. Make sure, you do not combine them all, and you do not interact with certain medications used to treat high blood pressure. Otherwise, the side effects can be dangerous or even fatal. Check with your doctor your tolerance to the ingredients, and your sexual power will be guaranteed without any risks to your health.

Priapism in all compared medications is not considered a targeted effect. In case, your erection lasts longer than usual or it already lasts for more than 4 hours, seek emergency. At last, know the price. Levitra is commonly distributed at $1–2 per pill, Viagra at $2–3, and Cialis $5 averagely.

Thus, the benefits are:

  • Levitra is effective for erection problems and for all men;
  • It is not an aphrodisiac;
  • It strengthens erection, as a result, it lasts longer than with its analogs;
  • Minimum of side effects;
  • Most of the side effects are of a temporary nature.

And, it is the cheapest remedy one can afford with no trouble. Due to the active distribution in the online market, it does not require a prescription, and prices can be even lower.

Who Can Take Generic Levitra?

Like any other medication, Levitra is a subject to have some contraindications for application. First of all, it concerns those who have any allergy or intolerance to the active and secondary ingredients in the composition. Then, do not take it if you have Peyronie’s disease, liver problems such as dysfunction, kidney failure, leukemia, peptic ulcer, and degenerative retinal diseases.

It is not acceptable to intake a drug in case of taking nitrates for heart problems, nitrogen oxides, and inhibitors for HIV. Any such interactions may lead to fatal consequences. If you are not sure your medications you take on a regular basis contain nitrates, address your concern to your healthcare provider to avoid any side effects.

Please, make sure before any purchase you are properly examined or consulted with a healthcare provider. Levitra is a working solution but it can be contraindicated for your health.

How to Store?

As per a manufacturer, one should store Levitra in a cool and dry place. Make sure, it does not receive direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. And, it is not accessible for children. Preferably, if you live with children, make sure the medication is firmly locked in a box that does not reveal the staffing. If your pill looks destroyed upon the delivery or it does not let you think it was stored and delivered properly, contact the distributor as soon as possible. Because it can be a subject to refund or reimburse. Regarding the temperature, 25°C (77°F) is the perfect environment.

Top 10 Customer Questions About Levitra Generic

Having a question regarding the prescription, safety or side effects? Check the next list of the top 10 FAQs about Generic Levitra. Otherwise, refer your concerns to the doctor or certified distributor upon the purchase.

  1. Is it safe?

Many studies and clinical trials have been conducted to reveal the remedy to the market. In terms of efficiency, and safety, these features are present. However, one should remember that exceeding the dosage without receiving a doctor’s approval or taking medication in case of contraindication or intolerance may be dangerous for a person.

  1. What is the difference between Generic and Brand formula?

Mainly, it is the price, the generic formula is manufactured in the way it covers the manufacturing costs but still remains affordable for buyers. The other difference is with the composition, but the main ingredient remains the same.

  1. How long does it work?

Note, it may differ in people. But, the most common effect is for up to 6 hours if you are sexually stimulated. In case, you do not have any sexual intercourse, but your erection continues to be active for more than 4 hours, seek an emergency.

  1. Should I have a prescription?

When buying a remedy with Canadian online pharmacies, one does not need any prescription because it is considered an OTC drug. But, in different countries, it may require. Note, even though you do not need a prescription, a consultation with a doctor is a must.

  1. What are the side effects?

Most commonly, they are headache, dizziness, nausea, back pain, eye swelling. However, most of the side effects bear only a temporary character. And, most of them are connected to the events when one exceeds the dosage or intake it when it is contraindicated.

  1. How to spot an authentic Levitra?

It should be an orange color round pill with an indicator of 20mg. The manufacturer is Bayer. Any other manufacturers or differences in appearance will alert you about a fake drug. Do not risk to intake it but return back the product.

  1. Are men older 65 years can take Levitra?

Usually, it is not recommended for use in men who are older than 65 years. But, if a doctor approves the application, one can buy it. Remember, this age bears particular health conditions. In case of even the slightest side effects, seek emergency.

  1. Is there a female formula?

No, Levitra is exclusively for male sexual power.

  1. Can my insurance cover it?

It depends. Some insurance plans may cover certain erectile dysfunction drugs. Please, address your concerns to the insurance provider. Otherwise, you may check with an online pharmacy that distributes such generics.

  1. Does Canada ship internationally?

Some online pharmacies actively ship and deliver Levitra for international buyers. But, one should check it personally by contacting the customer support of the selected online pharmacy. Note, some charges may apply for shipping.



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