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Ivermectin was initially created to handle infections, which are induced by parasites. It successfully handles fevers and suchlike health complications. Accordingly, scientists decided to test it to decide whether it has the potential to treat health ailments related to Covid-19. This informative guide sheds more light on this popular and powerful medication to define how it should be used against the virus of coronavirus.

The Ivermectin Basics

First of all, it’s necessary to define what preparation is. Ivermectin was created to treat:

  • Strongyloidiasis;
  • Onchocerciasis (also called “river blindness”).

It also has the potential to treat malaria. It is commonly well-tolerated, but it is not approved by the FDA to treat all kinds of infections. The preparation is released by the brand Stromectol.

Can Ivermectin Be Ordered for Sale Online?

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How to Take Ivermectin Tablets for Humans?

As with any drug, Ivermectin must be taken cautiously and according to the prescriptions of your doctor or the instructions on the label. Always consult your health provider before you start the course of treatment with this preparation. You should increase or decrease the dosage only after his/her permission. If you do that yourself, you may badly harm your health.

Take this preparation on an empty stomach and drink it with a full glass of water. Take it at least an hour before your meal. Food may affect its effectiveness or slow down it absorption by the system. You will administrate it either once per day with a large dosage or several times per day with smaller dosages. Everything depends on the prescription of your doctor.

The dosage can be increased if the desired effect doesn’t come. It may be likewise lowered if you cannot tolerate it properly. Commonly, the dosage starts with the smallest possible portion until the optimal dosage is identified. The active substance of the preparation remains in the system for up to twelve (12) days.

Possible Adverse Effects

Ivermectin is a powerful preparation, but it is commonly well tolerated by most patients. Nevertheless, it may still induce certain unwanted effects that may damage your health or at least lead to temporary inconveniences. The most frequently observed adverse reactions are as follows:

  • Dizziness;
  • Headaches;
  • Discomfort in muscles;
  • Itching;
  • Hives;
  • Fever;
  • Swollen lymph in different sites of the body (groin, armpit, etc.);
  • Painful sensation in joints.

You may likewise experience other forms of adverse reactions. Less frequent health inconveniences are:

  • Frequent weakness;
  • Vomiting;
  • Problems with digestion;
  • Uncontrolled heartbeat;
  • Temporal disorientation;
  • Seizures;
  • Loss of consciousness;
  • Painful sensations in the eras of neck and back;
  • Swelling of eyelids and some others.

You should contact your health provider since the first unwanted symptoms you experience. You should never delay because your health state may rapidly worsen. The sooner you turn for professional help, the quicker all the adverse reactions will be eliminated.

What If I Miss My Dose?

In case you miss a dose on the common time because of any reason, take it as quickly as possible to sustain its effectiveness. Notwithstanding, you should not take the dosage twice a day if you miss it the other day. You will not catch up with the dosage in that way. It may only develop different adverse reactions, which may be dangerous for your health because you double the substance in your blood plasma.

In case you overdose, be sure to call for professional medical help. You should never try to wait until the complications withdraw themselves, nor try to eliminate them on your own. Self-treatment is very dangerous. Only a certified doctor may treat you.

Precautions and Considerations

You should be aware of certain precautions and warnings on the use of Ivermectin. Although it is commonly safe, well-tolerated, and adverse effects occur rarely, you may not be allowed to take it due to certain impediments. These are as follows:

  • Allergy. Some people have a strong allergenic response to Ivermectin. Some of the allergies are life-threatening, and such people should never take it. The first allergenic reactions can be noticed within the first week of administration of the preparation.
  • Pregnancy. All pregnant women should take this preparation with great caution. Many animal studies proved the potential hazard for the mother and the fetus when taking Ivermectin. The drug may induce hazardous outcomes during the early stages of pregnancy, which are up to 10 weeks. Your doctor should supervise you regularly if you are pregnant and take Ivermectin.
  • Children. There are no special warnings for a certain age of children. However, it should not be given to children aged less than 6 years old. If a child does not weigh 15 kg, the preparation will be permitted. It is allowed for children who weigh 15 kg and more.
  • Alcohol. It is forbidden to combine Ivermectin with alcohol in any amount. You may feel dizzy and confused because of that combination. If you combine the preparation and alcohol, make sure to stay away from driving vehicles or operating with any machinery. Thus, you will avoid possible accidents.
  • Marihuana. If your state has legalized the use of marijuana and you take it, make sure you do not combine it with Ivermectin. Such a combination makes people dizzy and “light in the head”, which may lead to accident when they drive vehicles of operate machinery of any type.

There is no evidence about the influence of the preparation on the liver. It is commonly permitted for people with different forms of liver ailments and deviations.

Possible Dangerous Interactions

Ivermectin should be taken with great caution, and you should always pay attention to other remedies you may be taking at the moment. Some interactions are very dangerous for your health. The common forbidden drug interactions are:

  • Barbiturates,
  • Benzodiazepines,
  • Sodium oxybate (GHB),
  • Valproic acid and similar ones.

How to Store It?

As any preparation, Ivermectin should be stored according to definite rules to be sure it won’t get spoiled and thus won’t damage your health. Make sure it’s away from the direct sunlight. Keep it at room temperature and keep it out of the bathroom because moisture will spoil it.

The preparation should be always kept out of reach of children and pets. It’s better to store the preparation in a sealed box if you have one. Make sure it is labeled so that never take it for a different remedy. Always check the lifetime of Ivermectin to be sure it isn’t outdated and spoiled.

Vital Information about Omicron

Nowadays, Covid-19 has mutated many times and one of the latest types is called Omicron. The name was given after one of the letters in the Greek Alphabet. The first case of this type was officially registered on 24 November 2021 in South Africa. Since then, it was widely spread throughout the world and the greatest number of all death cases were related to this virus type.

This form can spread to other people, even if a person who has the virus doesn’t have any symptoms. It is unknown how fast it spreads. This form is very heavy and should be taken with due respect. This is the most severe form of Covid-19 than any other form. Even if you are vaccinated, you may get this virus. Vaccinated people may be hospitalized because of the severity of the infection.

Ivermectin has the potential to handle this modification of the virus. Nonetheless, more tests and proof are required. Therefore, you should obligatorily consult your health provider to be sure it can help you to overcome Omicron or any other form of Covid-19.

We Know How to Fight Omicron!

Although Omicron is very dangerous and widely spread in the world, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will fall ill with this virus. There are different dependable prevention measures, which will help you and your family to keep it at bay. Make allowances for the following options:

  • Get vaccinated. We have already told that even vaccinated people may fall ill with Omicron. Nonetheless, there are many cases when vaccinated people successfully omitted this severe modification. Therefore, get vaccinated if you still didn’t do that.
  • Wear a mask. Another dependable and effective preventative measure is to wear a mask. It helps to avoid the microbes that spread through the air and coughs or sneezing of infected people.
  • Test your health. It is likewise wise to pass tests on a regular basis. Thus, you will be always up-to-date about your current health conditions to know whether you require some treatment.
  • Avoid great crowds. You should always avoid big gatherings of people. You don’t know who is healthy or infected. The virus spreads much faster through great crowds of people.
  • Stay up-to-date. You should likewise be aware of the latest news in the world and your region. Thus, you will know how to avoid Covid-19 and how to secure your health.

Follow these prevention measures, and they will keep you safe. They aren’t that had to follow. If you are disciplined enough, you have a high chance to avoid Omicron. Protect yourself and other people from Covid-19 and help the world stop this dangerous virus!