Privacy Policy

Prior to using the Canadian family pharmacy website, we do recommend familiarizing yourself with our privacy policy. It hints at how we use, and treat users’ personal data.

How We Collect Data

Since Biosante strives to deliver top-notch services, we do care about your privacy. We always respect our visitors and collect their personal data only on a voluntary basis. You can always surf our website without informing us about you as a persona. Once you contact us, and provide us with your name, email, phone address among others, we can combine and use that data to provide services. It means that received data can be shared with third parties like our partners, consultants but for the purposes, you relied on us only. For instance, you requested information for an ED solution for your case, so we can transfer that inquiry to one of our consultants who can guide you professionally. In case you do not want to receive any messages from us, we won’t send them.

Then, on a periodical basis, our website can collect domain information including the pages you visited with us, and links you clicked on. Such data is processed with a single purpose — analytics. It helps us to understand what our visitors search the most, and what parts of our website they do not visit. We use the analytics to improve our services and your online convenience with us.

How We Collect Cookies

Biosante reserves the right to collect cookies, tiny pieces of information that the site places on the hard disk for identification purposes. For instance, cookies are used for sign-up, and customization features when you use our website next time. Your browser is most likely to notify you with a popup about accepting/refusing cookies while you are with us. Otherwise, you can adjust the settings directly from your browser. In case you refuse to accept the cookies with us, your staying online on our website is limited in personalization.

How We Store and Share Your Personal Data

Biosante and our collaboration with third parties may store your personal data. We can exchange it with each other or designated systems only to provide you with the requested services. On some occasions, we reserve the full right to reveal your personal data in response to a search warrant, law or regulation, court order among others. In such cases, we will inform that user of such intentions.

Please note, even though we go the extra mile protecting your personal data, we, same as other web sources are not 100% protected from tampering or hacking. So, any of your data relied on us may be occasionally hacked too.

Children’s Access to Our Website

Biosante is intended for acknowledgement only to people who are of full legal age. We do not work with children, do not sell them products, do not accept their orders. Ensure your children cannot access the website when you are away from your desktop.

How We/You Correct and Upgrade Personal Data

At any time possible, you can review, edit, or update the personal information you have provided before. You can do it by contacting us through a Contact us page.

If you want to stop receiving promotional emails, or any other ways of communication, or you want to delete your record with us, please do also contact us, and we will solve it.

Third-Party Links

Periodically, you can come across some links to other websites with us. They are generated from your previous searches. It is fully up to you whether to click on the links or not. Yet, we do inform you that we have no relationships to the content posted there, and we cannot protect your personal data while you are redirected to that site.

If you have additional inquiries regarding our Privacy Policy, please do contact us, and we will guide you in detail.