Why medications in online pharmacies cost less?

Frustrating statistics of the Gallup-West Health National Healthcare Study claim that as of September 2019, almost 23% of Americans couldn’t afford to buy drugs. 70% of the respondents say that medication prices are “much higher” and, unfortunately, the reality is that every year drugs tend to become more expensive. That is why people are looking for cheaper options of either buying drugs in neighboring countries or, for example, ordering them from Canadian online pharmacies. But why do mail-order pharmacies sell drugs at such low prices? Read on to find out!

The main reasons why buying drugs online is a prudent choice

One of the first reasons for significantly lower prices in online pharmacies is that they save on a brick and mortar spot. While local pharmacies have to include high overhead expenses in the selling price, their E-commerce colleagues are gaining popularity by sending millions of prescriptions every year.

Another good point for the medicaments mailed to you across the border is that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially prohibits drug import unless you do that for personal use. Personal use term means that you have a 90-day provision of the medicament you perceive, provided you have a prescription for the same term.

So while traditional pharmacies have a 30-day supply, online pharmacy prescriptions usually include a 90-day bulk supply. This means you can buy a medication that you will be using for three months instead of one month. You can save on co-pays and check assistance programs or savings card availability to get some discounts. Also, you can think in advance and refill one month before you complete the prescription and, thus, save a little.

Another point to consider is buying generic drugs – cheaper equivalents of the branded medicals, the active chemical ingredients of which are the same, even though their production process, color, size, and taste may differ. Generics are manufactured according to the same strict FDA requirements so that you may ask your doctor for this option. However, not every brand name drug has a generic counterpart, since generics can only be made once the patent on the original drug has expired.

Only buy from trusted online pharmacies

Anyway, you have to double-check that the online pharmacy you order from has a license and operates in the country with a well-regulated pharmacy policy (like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). A legal pharmacy should state its address and phone number on its website. There are websites from official institutions that provide you with lists of legit pharmacies in your region and abroad. Remember that according to the Progress Report for State and Federal Regulators of Canada, 74% of pharmacies in North America are fraudulent (rogue ones).

Also, it would help if you kept in mind that receiving drugs by mail will take longer than purchasing them in a local pharmacy. So this option does not work with urgent cases. But on the other side, often mail-order pharmacies are available 24/7, so you can call them anytime to get advice.

Consequently, there are ways to spend less on your prescription drugs if you buy them from online pharmacies, but you should consider all possible risks beforehand.