Coronavirus: Why Can’t Pharma Leaders Help?

The breaking news of the end of 2019 and the onset of 2020 shocked humanity. A new virus that infects, and kills people, coronavirus is on everyone’s lips. Do people have any chance to stop this plague? And, why pharmaceutical companies are helpless?

What Is Coronavirus?

Just recently, we said goodbye to 2019 and welcomed a new year that still promises a lot. However, Chinese people were not so lucky to celebrate this occasion, the main spreading of coronavirus started in China. Even though its first splashes were spotted in the 1960s’, dedicated experts could not expect a virus to have such power and such “reservoirs” that could contain this deadly weapon. As of now, it is well aware, a coronavirus is a zoonotic infection that is naturally found in palm flowers, bats, and even snakes. It has many mutations, and this feature becomes pathogenic to all those who are infected.

In 2002, China faced the first impact of coronavirus that was spread to most of the continents and took the lives of around 800 people. It mostly affected those who have low immunity, so healthy individuals did their best to boost it. However, at that time, governments of many countries decided to organize quarantine that, strange it may sound, saved humanity.

The second outbreak took place in Saudi Arabia in 2012, and then also was reported in 25 countries. Particularly, people often mistake this virus with other acute respiratory diseases that have symptoms of fever, cough, and most importantly shortness of breath.

Recently, Wuhan became a hot zone of this plague. The first confirmed details on where people could acquire this virus from direct medical experts to the Wuhan Market. There are many groceries and wet markets that sell killed animals. Many tourists yearly visit it to get some specialties of Chinese cuisine but the hygiene level leaves much to be desired.

As of today, around 1000 deaths have been recorded but the actual number may be higher because the symptoms take time to develop. The virus is already recorded in Europe and Middle-East countries. Besides, the Diamond Princess cruise is on quarantine with a few people who have coronavirus. What are the ways of treating this infection?

Treatment and Recovery

Many doctors already stated their opinion about possible ways of treating this infection. However, much depends on quarantine that prevents other people from being infected, and human immunity that can resist or fight it. Today, it is confirmed that the majority of people with a virus died because have had health problems such as cirrhosis, diabetes, and other issues that could greatly lower immunity.

The same it is stated that some people have more chances if they notice the symptoms faster. For instance, the incubation period lasts like two weeks, so it is recommended to urgently turn to the hospital for saving a life in case of even the slightest symptoms.

It is a well-known fact that the pharmaceutical industry earns billion dollars yearly, and it funds many vaccines or medical researches whenever one or another virus occurs. With the latest news, no one from the top 4 pharma companies showed much interest in developing vaccines or immunization prophylactics.

However, there are still chances to come up with a magic pill or injection. China is testing a few antiviral remedies. Especially, its specialists pay attention to the components used for HIV treatment because they show results in affecting coronavirus. Today, it is hard to say whether any of the new patents will yield fruits in curing infected people. But, one thing is for sure, pharmaceutical companies are mostly interested in manufacturing and selling products that have a wide range of indications and purposes, and that can bring profit to them to the fullest.