Latest News in Pharmaceutical Industry

HHS and Pharma Are Working on New Biotech Disaster Response

Recently, HHS, The American Health and Human Services Department announced the first Biotech Foundry to produce and develop new technological solutions that will contribute to health security danger, and boosting healthcare services. The key progress is the involvement of many sectors and partners that can directly participate in discussions and

Coronavirus: Why Can’t Pharma Leaders Help?

The breaking news of the end of 2019 and the onset of 2020 shocked humanity. A new virus that infects, and kills people, coronavirus is on everyone’s lips. Do people have any chance to stop this plague? And, why pharmaceutical companies are helpless? What Is Coronavirus? Just recently, we said

Brain Drugs to Disappear In Big Pharma Companies?

Most of the pharma big fishes stopped investing in neuroscience. However, experts forecast that once the demand is back regarding much profit, they will change their minds. Today, many pharmaceutical companies tend to delete neuroscience from their areas of interest. They perfectly manage to create innovations and products for heart,