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At Happy Family Pharmacy, we are passionate about making the lives of our clients healthy, easy, and filled with positive emotions only. We are a company inspired by innovations – we are focused on discovering novel scientific insights in medicine and implementing them into new medications that have the potential to change the quality of our customers’ lives for the better.
Our everyday work is devoted to inventing, developing, and commercializing new therapies for the most acute and common health problems affecting patients of all ages and genders. In addition, to reduce the financial burden on your family budget, we have created an international online store distributing an extensive range of diversified medications for all the members of your family at prices seamlessly fitting into every budget.
Happy Family Store know how valuable your time is, that is why we have created a one-stop platform offering an exhaustive assortment of medications and health products any member of your family may need. All in all, it comprises more than 30 categories and hundreds of diversified generic medicines.
active ingredient avaliable dosages Category Drug class
from 50mg to 200mg
Sildenafil Citrate
from 50mg to 200mg
Erectile Dysfunction
Sildenafil Citrate
from 50mg to 200mg
Erectile Dysfunction
from 50mg to 200mg
Erectile Dysfunction
from 3mg to 12mg
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With over a hundred offers in all health categories at great prices, what more do you need for joy?

Our priority categories that enjoy the biggest demand among clients are:

High Blood Pressure

According to the most recent data, as of now, high blood pressure affects the health of about 45% of adults in the United States. More to the point, it is a number-one mortality risk factor in the world. In practice, at early stages, this disease can develop without causing any adverse symptoms while silently affecting the cardiovascular system, brain, kidneys, eyes, and other organs. At the same time, experts claim that only about 25% of people suffering from this condition keep it under control. One of the reasons for such a flailing situation is extremely bloated prices of drugs normalizing blood pressure. Thus, we have decided to help such patients and included a wide range of effective and affordable hypotensive medications in our assortment. So, among other drugs for high blood pressure, you can order:

  1. Generic Microzide (Hydrochlorothiazide). These pills produce a moderate diuretic effect, which stimulates urination and helps to remove excess liquid from the body. That helps to normalize blood pressure, as well as prevent heart attacks, heart strokes, kidney issues.
  2. Generic Lasix (Furosemide). It is another diuretic, but it has a much stronger action. It is recommended to patients suffering from swelling related to congestive heart failure. In addition, it is applied to treat hypertension, hypertensive crisis, acute heart failure, kidney diseases, and other conditions.
  3. Norvasc (Amlodipine). These tablets work by blocking calcium channels, which decreases the tension of blood vessels and normalizes blood pressure. They are indicated in cases of blood hypertension, angina, and ischemic heart disease.
  4. Generic Coversyl (Perindopril). This product also decreases blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels. It is effective for controlling blood hypertension, treating chronic heart failure, preventing recurrent strokes and other cardiovascular problems.
  5. Aldactone. These diuretic pills are characterized by a mild and slow-releasing effect. They are applied for normalizing blood pressure and removing water retention related to congestive heart failure in the first place.

Male Health

It may sound surprising and even a bit shocking but varied sexual problems (such as impotence, premature ejaculation, lack of sexual desire) affect almost all men. For example, about 75% in the age of 55–60 suffer from impotence and that severely affects their sexual life and relations with women. Sure, at a younger age, that percentage is lower, but it is still striking. The good news is that today’s pharma industry offers a wide selection of effective therapies for each of the disorders mentioned. But, as you probably know, most of them are extremely expensive so many men just cannot afford them. That is why, at Happy Family Store, we offer a huge selection of generic medications for male sexual problems at extremely affordable prices, as well as internationally famous brand products at a reasonable cost without extra price adders, which are much cheaper than in the USA and most other countries. Among them:

  1. Generic Viagra
  2. Tentex Forte
  3. Generic Cialis
  4. Generic Priligy

Flu (and similar seasonal viral respiratory infections)

According to statistics, every year, influenza affects up to 15% of people. In some cases, this disease goes away by itself without any drug treatment. However, in many cases, patients need medications for relieving heat fever, headaches, and other accompanying adverse reactions.

  1. Generic Nurofen (Ibuprofen). It is a non-steroidal medication with an anti-inflammatory action, which is used for overcoming severe fever.
  2. Generic Panadol (Paracetamol). That is another medication for reducing fever. In addition, it provides a pain-relieving effect. It is a common choice for those patients, for whom Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs are contraindicated.
  3. Generic Anacin (Aspirin, Caffeine). This combined drug is applied for relieving fever, pains, and other symptoms related to flu infections and colds. Its action is based on blocking chemical processes causing pains, inflammation, and fever.
  4. This natural herbal supplement helps to prevent flu-like infections. It has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. It empowers the immune system and stimulates its active response to infections. As a result, the body overcomes them faster. Besides, its preventive use reduces the risk of catching varied infections.
  5. Generic Symmetrel (Amantadine). This antiviral oral medicine is effective for the prevention and treatment of a range of influenza infections. Its mechanism of action is based on blocking the activities of viruses in the body.

Our mission

Happy Family Pharmacy is a client-oriented pharma company, which is focused on creating and marketing medicines, which will make a positive and drastic difference to the customers’ health and experience.

As of now, the focus of our research team is on innovative treatments for hypoactive sexual desire disorder and other adverse symptoms associated with menopause in female patients, male sexual dysfunction, hypogonadism in men, as well as alternative products for effective and safe contraception. However, our team is open to any ideas and projects related to urgent and common problems in the field of healthcare.

Besides, we want our medications to be easy to access for our clients. That is why we have established an online store, which delivers medicines created by our company and our partners worldwide at reasonable and affordable prices. Another crucial detail to mention ― we are a family-oriented service, and we are always ready to help you take care of the health of all your relatives (regardless of their age). We will show you how to get all the drugs needed for your dear people at minimum cost and effort and without any risks.

Key Facts You Need to Know about Online Pharmacies

Below, we have gathered the most common questions our clients ask, as well as detailed and exhaustive answers to them. Please, look them through to get a clear idea of the services and products we offer and how to make purchases from our source.

Exclusives only by Happy Family Pharmacy

The first priority of our company is finding new alternative treatments to the most widespread problems in the sphere of public health. Here are the most well-known products developed by Happy Family Store:

  1. It is a medication for relieving vasomotor symptoms of menopause, which may include hot flashes, night sweats, changes in mood. Besides, it can be prescribed for removing dryness and itching in the vagina, increased urination, or related pains. These symptoms are caused by a lack of estrogens. Elestrin contains estradiol (which is the most potent estrogen) and helps to normalize the hormonal balance. It is produced in the form of transdermal gel, which is applied to the upper part of an arm.
  2. It is a testosterone transdermal gel intended for treating hypoactive sexual desire disorder (in other words, low libido) in a postmenopausal period (including after surgical ovaries removal). One should note that, as of now, on the market, there is no FDA-approved treatment for this problem. So, our product will be the first.
  3. Pill-Plus. These birth control tablets are a would-be game changer in the sphere of contraception. Their unique feature is triple action. Namely, in addition to a standard combination of estrogen and progestin, they also contain testosterone. According to the results of numerous studies, many women who take usual oral contraceptive pills suffer from a decrease in sexual desire. Adding an androgen (in this case testosterone) to the composition helps to restore hormonal balance and, as a result, sexual life.
  4. Testosterone Gel. It is a convenient and easy-to-use format of testosterone replacement therapy. Instead of injections, we offer a transdermal gel for the normalization of testosterone levels. The key indication for the use of this product is male hypogonadism (or low testosterone levels). This condition can manifest itself as erectile dysfunction (or impotence), decreased sexual drive, weakness in muscles, or osteoporosis (reduced bone mass).